About Us

Our products are developed under American Petroleum Industry standards, still they can easily be widely applied in other industries; Petrochemical, Chemical, Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Mining, Marine, Textile, Pulp and Paper, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.Our objective is to deliver innovative Drag technology and centrifugal pumps to broadly meet our customer’s necessities. In every application where a fluid must be energized, whether it is clean, dirty, viscous, heavy, corrosive, or abrasive we will be capable of delivering an economical, efficient and secure pumping solution.

Focused on quality and driven by innovation we strongly commit with our clients to satisfy their requirements and expectations. For this reason Dragpump ® Corporation guarantees honesty, commitment and leadership in our operations. With more than 40 years of experience in the development, design, and manufacturing of hydraulic pumps we feel free to say we are the leading company with drag technologies and a strong competitor in the manufacturing of centrifugal pumps. Quality and innovation is in our roots.

Our quality policy is manifested by our strong commitment with our customers to satisfy their requirements and expectations. Dragpump ® ensures to promote a quality culture based on honesty, leadership, human resource development, solidarity and commitment to improve the security of our operations. We strive to be the world leader in development, design and manufacturing of hydraulic pumps with Drag technologies and faithful competitor in the manufacturing of centrifugal pumps.

In general terms Dragpump Corporation manufactures hydraulic drag and centrifugal pumps of the following types:


Single-stage (low and medium pressure), two- stage (medium pressure) and Multi-stage (high pressure) operated by electric and internal combustion engines.


Single- stage (low and medium pressure), two-stage (medium pressure) and multi-stage (high pressure) driven by submersible and non-submersible electric motors.

Dragpump Corporation® is located in the southwest of the Unites States of America, specifically in the Industrial Park of Otay Mesa, in the city of Sand Diego, California. It currently has an installed capacity of manufacturing 300 plus pumps a year by running all necessary production processes in an industrial property of approximately 16,000 SQ. FT. It has the following areas of production operations:

  • Welding and fabrication

  • CNC machining

  • Inspection

  • Assembly

  • Performance Testing

  • Shipping & Receiving

Dragpump Corporation Patents

The staff of Dragpump ® Corporation has accumulated over 40 years of experience in the art of development, design and manufacturing of hydraulic pumps. In addition, it counts with the optimal dimensional and technological infrastructure necessary to successfully provide our customers with pumping solutions.

  • High-Efficiency Drag Impeller “Dragpeller®"
  • Single-Stage DragPump®
  • Two-Stage DragPump®
  • Multi-Stage DragPump®