Mixers or agitators are rotating electromechanical equipment with the purpose of homogenizing, shaking or stirring liquid in a tank. They are widely used in the industrial level, especially in the chemical, petrochemical and oil industry.
The mixers manufactured and marketed by Dragpump Corporation are standard dynamic mixers and submersible mixers. They may be compromised of one or more impellers installed longitudinally and spaced on a common axis depending on the application requirements. It is connected to a motor that transmits electric power to the mechanical shaft.
The mixing technology is based on our drag forces applied to the fluid generated by the impeller which in our case is the dragpeller, giving our mixers the name of Dragmixers. If the mixer has a vertical design with a motor on the top, it is a dynamic mixer. If the mixer has a dragpeller attached directly to a submersible motor, then it is a submersible mixer. Mixers are available in standard dynamic and submersible configurations.

Dragmixer Applications

Mixers are machines that are placed in tanks to homogenize the fluid mixture. In all tanks where the application requires fluid homogenizing, either a dynamic mixer or submersible mixer can be installed, depending on the service requirements. These machines can be applied in tanks at drilling, production, transport and refineries of crude oil.