Dragpump Qualities

Dragpumps have a very important quality that differs them greatly from other rotodynamic and centrifugal pumps, the viscosity. Given that the most important physical property in this type of physical pump is the viscosity, these pumps behave hydro-dynamically better when the fluid is viscous. That is to say, if you need to pump a viscous fluid, such as heavy and extra heavy crude, drilling fluids, waxes, bitumen’s, polymer melts, glycerin, oils, lubricants, paper pulp, wastewater, slurries, etc., Dragpumps are the best option.

API 610 Pumps

API 610 pumps are to most widely utilized in the world wide petroleum industry. At Dragpump Corporation we fabricate our drag and centrifugal pumps under these standards.
The images below help us appreciate the API 610pump configurations Dragpump Corporation fabricates.

Standard pumps