Hydraulic pumps are hydraulic machines whose function is to transport hydraulic energy to a fluid in order to increase the pressure so that a fluid can be moved from one place to another. Based on how this machine performs the transformation of mechanical energy to hydraulic power, these pumps are classified as positive displacement pumps and rotodynamic pumps

Positive displacements pumps or volumetric pumps are those in which the operating principle is based on hydrostatics, so that the pressure increase takes place by the thrust of the walls of the chambers which vary in volume. In this type of pump each cycle propulsions device generates a positive way of given volume or displacement, called pumps. Examples of these pumps are reciprocating pumps, screw pumps (all versions), diaphragm pumps, paddle pumps, lobe pumps and gear pumps.

Rotodynamic pumps are those in which the operating principle is based on the exchange of momentum between the machine and the fluid by applying hydrodynamics. In this type of pump one or more impellers with or without blades generate a rotating pressure field in the fluid. In these machines the flow is continuous.

Among rotodynamic pumps, centrifugal pumps can be mentioned as the most famous and applied. It is important to indicate that due to their characteristics, rotodynamic pumps are the most widely used, about 80% of installed hydraulic pumps on the planet are rotodynamic.

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