Dragpump Corporation manufactures and markets high-pressure pump technology. The advantages of this technology are high values of Total Dynamic Head (TDH) ranging between 500 to 1500 psi differential pressure. In this technology, three or more dragpellers are installed on a common axis. They have the distinction of having two mechanical seals and bearings at both ends of the shaft. As in other models the shaft is coupled with a motor.
The principle of operation of this pump is very similar the Two-Stage Pump; with the difference that it has more than two stages. The fluid inlet is in the axial direction of the first impeller, after discharging the first impeller, the fluid is routed to the suction of the second impeller. After discharging the second impeller, the fluid is routed to the suction of the next stage, and so successively until reaching the last stage with a considerably high pressure at the moment the flow is directed to the pump discharge. This option is available with drag and centrifugal technology.API 610 Multistage DragPump