Dragpump manufactures medium pressure pumps (200-500 psi) compromised of two stages of compression. Two Dragpellers or impellers are mounted on a shaft coupled to an engine. These pumps have the distinction of having a single mechanical seal and single bearing frame composed of three bearings. The fluid inlet is in the axial direction of the first impeller, the discharge of the first impeller is routed to suction the second impeller, after it exits the second impeller the fluid goes directly to the case and then to the discharge section . If the impeller is centrifugal, then it is a two-stage Centrifugal Pump. If it is a Dragpeller, then it will be a two-stage Dragpump. The two types have the same benefits and advantages of their single stage relatives but with the ability of creating higher pressures while pumping. Dragpump Corporation is the only pump manufacturer with drag technology two stage pumps.
API 610 Double Stage DragPump